C.O.B.R.A. Defense offers specialized training for Real Estate agents and agencies.

Are You a Hard Target or a Soft Target?

You’re meeting a person – generally alone and mostly in an empty property. You may be all over the web and social media, allowing anyone to profile your potential assets, looks, work patterns etc. This is know as “crime by appointment.”

You show up with assets, credit cards, laptop, iPad, etc. and a car, all of which are ideal for a criminal running low on funds.

Do you look like a soft target or a hard target in the eyes of a criminal? Learn how to avoid dangerous situations before they even start.

Can you Defend Yourself for 11 Minutes ?

The average police response time in the US is 11 minutes. Can you adequately defend yourself from an attacker for approximately 11 minutes? A cell phone, alone, can’t protect you. You will also realize through training how ineffective pepper spray and a gun are in real world situations.

Learn real-world, effective self-defense techniques to protect yourself from an attacker. This is not sport training. These are techniques designed for real world people to learn easily to work effectively on real world attackers.

Empower Yourself. Empower Your Employees

The officeal Real Estate safety & Self-Defense Training Manual

REAL ESTATE Professional Safety and Self-Defense HOME STUDY COURSE

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